Ronald K. Yamamoto
Attorney at Law
  Divorce and Family Law
  Real Estate Law
  Business and Contract Law
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Santa Clara, CA 95055
(408) 249 – 3665
Justice, the Guardian of Liberty
Bankruptcy Law
  • Wipe out most debts and get a new economic start, while being able to keep a substantial portion of most personal property necessities of life; tools of the trade; part of your home equity; etc.
  • Stop most foreclosures, repossessions, creditor collection activity, harassment, and lawsuits, etc.
  • Keep your home or business and most of your personal property, while reducing or eliminating your debts and reorganizing your finances, under an affordable court supervised repayment plan.
  • The above noted bankruptcy debt remedies would require an initial finding of your eligibility under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.
Divorce and Family Law
  • Preparation of all divorce documents; settlement conference statements; pre-trial statements; marital property settlement agreements; prenuptial agreements; etc.
  • Advice on pursuing the most economical, practical, divorce strategy.
  • Limited representation (e.g. will prepare divorce petition, schedules, marital property settlement agreement; etc.) for a negotiable fixed price fee.
  • Child custody; child support determination; child visitation representation, negotiation, and agreements.
  • Spousal support determination, representation, negotiation, and agreements.
    I have successfully represented clients in the simplest divorce cases, e.g. where husband and wife were only married for a short time; acquired few assets; agreed to a simple property settlement; and only required a divorce petition and accompanying documents to effectuate a termination of their marriage. I have also represented affluent clients who had a long term marriage; business; substantial real estate holdings; stock; bank accounts; and foreign investments, etc. I have been able to successfully complete all of my client’s divorces at substantial cost savings.
    The goal of the attorney and parties in a divorce action should be to enable the parties to terminate their marriage and start a new life in the most equitable and least expensive and disruptive manner possible for their children and themselves.
Real Estate Law
  • Negotiation, drafting, modification, and review of commercial, residential, and land sales, lease, and other real estate agreements.
  • Review, advice, settlement, and litigation of real estate sales, lease, and landlord/tenant disputes.
Business Law
  • Negotiation, modification, drafting, and review of all sales, purchase, manufacturing, and employment agreements, for all goods and services. Examples: construction contracts; real estate sales, purchase, and lease agreements; the purchase, sale, and licensing of technology hardware and software; maintenance contracts; and other business agreements.
  • Advice, settlement, negotiation, and litigation of breach of contract cases.
Geographic Areas of Practice
  • I represent bankruptcy clients in Northern and Central California
  • I represent divorce clients in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • I represent real estate clients throughout California
  • I represent business clients throughout California

    I take all possible steps to eliminate unnecessary overhead and utilize technology to keep my fees very competitive and as affordable as possible. If you would like a free estimate, please email me at, with a complete description of your legal concern, or call me at (408) 249 – 3665.
About Me
    Education: University of California, Hastings College of Law, Juris Doctor
    California State University, San José, Economics
    Bar Membership:     California State Bar (Active) – Licensed to practice law in California
    U.S. Supreme Court
    California Supreme Court
    U.S. Court of Appeals, for the Ninth Circuit
    U.S. District Court, Northern District of California
    U.S. District Court, Eastern District of California
    Miscellaneous:     Licensed California Real Estate Broker
    Born and raised in California
    Honorable Discharge, U.S. Army

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